Designed by Fenwick Williams, built by Anthony Noon, restored by the Jones family, "Paula Anne's" roots are family and fishing.


Originally designed for fishing in Massachusetts, catboats feature a beam typically half their length. This creates a wide, stable and spacious area for fishermen to work. In "Paula Anne's" case, a 12.5' beam creates a large, spacious cockpit that can comfortably seat plenty of family and friends. Another key element to the catboat's success as a fishing vessel is her shallow draft. Rather than a permanent fixed keel, "Paula Anne's" adjustable centerboard would allow her to navigate around and even over the sandbars that Cape Cod is known for. 


Catboats are also known for their straightforward rigging. "Paula Anne" has a freestanding mast which requires very little standing rigging and supports a single, large gaff mainsail. This makes her easy to sail single-handedly without ever having to leave the cockpit. Another unique design element of the "Paula Anne's" rig is a bronze tripod on the foredeck to support the boom. Rather than transferring the pressure of the sail onto the mast, the boom connects to a large bronze pedestal that is anchored into her heavy deck frames.



Paula Anne specs

Length – 25'
Width – 12.5'
Sail Area – 350 square feet
Engine –  Custom electric drive
Hull – Cedar planking on oak
Spars – Unknown laminated wood